Rules for the Daily Online Quiz 

The rules for the daily online quiz are as follows:

1. A set of questions will be put up everyday starting from Monday the 28th of July,2008 till Friday,1st August, 2008.

2. The quiz will be put up at 0000 hrs everyday and will close on 2300 hrs of the same day. The answers would be accepted during this time period only.

3. Please send in the answers to with the subject line reading "Answers Online Quiz". Also please mention:

a. Your name

b. Email id

c Phone number

4. The person answering the most number of questions correctly will win a prize. In case there are multiple entries which have the same number of correct answers then the winner would be chosen by a lucky draw.

5. The prizes for the quizzes would be gift vouchers from Planet M. The prizes would be given out on the day of the Greenko Hyderabad Open Quiz i.e. the 2nd of August.

6. The decision of the quizmaster/s is final!!


Online Quiz - 28th Aug

Greenko Hyderabad Open Quiz