Daily Online Quiz 5

The quiz is now closed. The winner of this round is Swagat N.Congrats!

Daily Online Quiz for the 1st of August,2008 ( yup we finally got our dates right :-) )

T- 36 hours to the quiz and counting...

As always 5 questions.

Mail in the answers to these questions to onlinequiz@hyderabadquiz.org . Also in the mail do mention :

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Here are the questions(Please click on the images to enlarge them) :

Q1: This is the poster of a movie that tells the story of the people who had a major role to play in the creation of the city of Hyderabad. Who were the 2 folks and also give the name of the movie?


A: The movie is titled Bhaggmati - The Queen of Fortunes based on the story of Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah and Bhagmati.

Q2. Just name the sport.


A: Pelotta or Jai-Alai.

Q3: What is the name of this Indian artform?

A: Pandavani

Q4: Name the 2 people in the photograph.

A: Steve Woczniak and Steve Jobs

Q5: Who is the subject of this painting?

A: Napolean.


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