Daily Online Quiz 4


This quiz is closed. The winner of this quiz is Santosh Ramarathnam. Congrats!

Daily Online Quiz for the 31st of July,2008.

2 Days till D-Day.

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Here are the questions(Please click on the images to enlarge them) :

 Q1. Identify the famous scientist who had connections with the city of Hyderabad.

A: Ronald Ross 

Q2. What has been blanked out in red from this F1 Car ?

A: Ads for the movie The Dark Knight. This is the Toyota that raced in the 2008 British Grand Prix. It looked something like this:


 Q3: Ad for what?

A: Amnesty International

Q4: What pathbreaking contraption is this ?

A: Charles Babbage's Differential Engine. 

Q5: What phrase do we get from the incident depicted in the visual?

 A: The sword of Damocles.


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