Daily Online Quiz 3

This quiz is now closed. The winner of this round is Amrita Ashok. Congratulations Amrita!  

Daily Online Quiz for the 30th of July,2008.

5 questions with simple enough in answers. Mail in the answers to these questions to onlinequiz@hyderabadquiz.org . Also in the mail do mention :

1. Your name

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Here are the questions :

Q1. Who is this gentleman who, besides other things, is famous for having a speciality hospital in Hyderabad named after him?

A: LV Prasad. 


Q2. Identify the person on the left of the photograph and which sport would you associate him with?

A: Ritwik Bhattacharya associated with Squash.

Q3: What is this Indian artform called?

A: Kalamkari. 

Q4: Flag of which infamous entity is this?

A: Hezbollah 

Q5: What mytholgical incident is being described here?

 A: Heracles capturing Cerberus


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