Daily Online Quiz 2

This quiz is now closed. The winner of this quiz is Praveen D. Congratulations Praveen!

Daily Online Quiz for the 29th of July,2008.

Like yesterday 5 questions. Mail in the answers to these questions to onlinequiz@hyderabadquiz.org . Also in the mail do mention :

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Here are the questions :

Q1. A photo of an iconic Hyderabadi monument taken during its heyday. Identify the monument as well as the photographer.

( Click on the photo to see an enlarged view)

 A: This is a photo of the chowmahalla palace taken by Lala Deen Dayal.

Q2. What does this picture represent( specifically for the United Kingdom)?

A: This represents UK's annual carbon footprint and the activities that contribute to it.

Q3. Who is the lady featured in this ad?

A: Leela Chitnis. She was the first Indian actress to endorse Lux Soaps.

Q4. Who is this lady and what is her claim to fame?

A: Candace Bushnell who wrote the column which was turned into the book which in turn inspired the hit TV show" Sex and the City"

Q5. Identify the painter and to whom is this a tribute?

 A: Salvador Dali is the painter and this painting is a tribue to Vermeer.





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