Daily Online Quiz 1

The quiz is now closed. The lucky winner for this round is T. Rama Rao. Congratulations!

Daily Online Quiz for 28 July2008.

Simple questions. Simple rules. Mail in the answers to these questions to onlinequiz@hyderabadquiz.org . Also in the mail do mention :

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Here are the questions :

Q1. Why was this man on the cover of Time Magazine in 1937?

A: The Nizam of Hyderabad, who was the Richest Man in the world at that time.

Q2. Who is the author of this book whose name has been blanked out?

A: Pope Benedict XVI/ Joseph Ratzinger

Q3. Who was involved in this experiment and what did he do consequently?

A: Eratosthenes, who calculated the circumference of the Earth using the above "apparatus".

Q4. Insignia or flag of whom?


A: Indian Army/ Chief of the Indian Army etc.

Q5. Who/what is the inspiration for this magazine cover?

 A: Inspired by Michelangelo's paintings on the Sistine Chapel



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