A wee bit about us.. 

We meet once every month and hold quizzes the old school style. For the uninitiated that means that there is a quizmaster whose job is to keep the junta entertained, there is the junta whose job is to keep the quizmaster honest and then there is Pat whose job is to keep searching for definitive cult fundaes.

Who are you?

 A passionate bunch of quizzers, who love quizzing and want to promote it amongst the masses.

When do you meet?

 Mostly on second Sunday of every month in the mornings. Join our mailing list for more details

Can I attend your monthly quizzes?

By all means yes!! 

Do I need to be part of some team/clique/gang/cult/cabal to participate in your monthly quizzes? 

NO. Most of our quizzes our open to all, where we randomly team up people so no prior team formation is required.

Do you also provide content for quizzes and/or host quizzes for corporates/clubs/schools/colleges? 

 Yes. Contact quizhyd[at]gmail[dot]com for more details.

Why 42?

Why not.